Want to distinguish your company? 

Want to prove your company is better than the rest?

Want to be 1st choice consumer preference?

Do you want to “Get an Edge”?

Use AMECA’s ISO-Certification! 

Companies today are constantly looking for an edge. Whether that’s in price, engineering, design, logistics, customer support—anything
to Get an Edge.

80% of consumers surveyed prefer independently certified parts
—and are willing to pay for it. Independent Certification gives your
customers immediate assurance in the product. It expands options in your marketing strategy. We provide feedback to your company on industry standard processes. Why do we do this? To Get an Edge.

With AMECA ISO Certification
• You Get an Edge with your customers.
• You Get an Edge on your competition.
• You Get an Edge for yourself.

AMECA’s ISO Certification program was designed by automotive industry professionals. We live, breath and occasionally bleed automobiles.
The program was developed around industry best practices. It is not a “one
and done” program. AMECA ISO-Certification process is robust and intelligently designed with feedback loops for continuous improvement.

For more information on how AMECA-ISO Certification can give you an edge check out

AMECA is offering certification for
• Exterior Automotive Lighting
• Automotive Safety Glass
• Automotive Suspension and Wheels
• Vehicle Brake Hose