All items submitted through the AMECA program must be properly marked and identified. Each item is completely re-traceable to the manufacturer, to the testing laboratory and to the raw test data retained by the testing laboratory.

Our laboratory accreditation program invites both independent laboratories and industry laboratories to apply for our accreditation. We have had excellent success with this program. In the 32 years of the program, we have never had difficulty with our accredited laboratories.

All 66 currently accredited laboratories have complied with the AMECA written criteria and have been audited on-site by AMECA on a periodic basis. AMECA maintains close and regular communication with its accredited laboratories as well as with local, state and federal governments.

AMECA staff members voluntarily participate on various consensus standards committees such as Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) committees on lighting, brakes, emergency lighting and sirens, Glass (glazing) and the American National Standards Institute, (ANSI) Z26.1 committee on glazing materials.

The AMECA Program is financed exclusively by fees received for processing submissions, laboratory audit charges and from listing fees and publications. We receive no funding from the states we represent, nor any government or contribution funds from the government or the general public.

Each day we receive communications from every corner of the world with questions we try to answer in order to help industry and governments carry out their needs and responsibilities.