Hansen VTF ADAS Training

The only ISO-Certified Training Course.

ADAS Technician Training by Hansen VTF: An AMECA ISO-Certified Program.

AMECA is working with Hansen VTF to develop a Certified ADAS Technician Training Program.

Topics will include:

  • Introduction to ADAS
    • What is ADAS including the different systems
  • Nomenclature/Vocabulary
    • Different names for the same system
    • Vehicle manufacturers system names (Ford CoPilot 360, Toyota Safety Sense, etc)
  • Data Sources Including OEM Position Statements
  • ADAS Service Equipment
    • Types, purpose and use
  • Servicing ADAS Vehicles
    • Pre-scan
    • Post-scan
    • Blueprinting
  • ADAS and Other Vehicle Systems
  • Best Practices
  • ADAS Calibration in Modified Vehicles
  • Hands-on Training

For more information about Hansen's ADAS Training course, please contact Hansen VTF at 657-230-9480 or at www.hansenvtflabs.com