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AMECA offers 4 distict programs for companies in the Automotive equipment industry.

  • AMECA List of Compliant Safety Devices
  • AMECA ISO-Certification Program
  • AMECA Laboratory Accreditation Program
  • AMECA List of Acceptable Plastics

AMECA ISO-Certification Program

Our ISO-Certification Program is for companies wanting a deeper level of distinction. Over 80% of surveyed customers prefer 3rd party certification with 50% valuing certification equivalent to branding.  The AMECA ISO-Certification program is an in-depth, thorough and brings best practices into one convenient program.

Are your products the best in the market? Then let the AMECA ISO-Certification program be your way to show the world.

Our ISO-Certification program is offered in the following areas.

  • California Environmental Registration
  • Automotive Exterior Lighting
  • Automotive Safety Glazing Materials
  • Light duty suspension and wheel components

Program participants have exclusive rights to the AMECA Certified Logo.  More details are available at: http://ameca.org/ameca-iso-certification-program/

AMECA List of Acceptable Plastics

With  data going back to the 1950’s, AMECA is the only registrar of automotive lens materls for the United Satetes.  AMECA currently offers three products for exterior Automotive lighting.

  • AMECA 5 Year Duration List of Acceptable Plastics for Optical Lenses and Reflex Reflectors
  • AMECA List of Acceptable Plastics for Optical Lenses and Reflex Reflectors
  • AMECA List of Diffusing Plastic Materials

All of the materials in the above lists have been testing according to FMVSS 108.  Testing is done by accredited laboratories in Florida and Arizona.

AMECA List of Compliant Safety Devices

All items submitted through any AMECA program must be properly marked and identified. Each item is completely re-traceable to the manufacturer, to the testing laboratory and to the raw test data retained by the testing laboratory.

AMECA offers two different levels of equipment registration for customers, our traditional List of Compliant Safety Devices and our new ISO-Certification program.

The List of Compliant Safety Devices is the publication of products from the Equipment Compliance program that meet state registration requirements. Products are denoted by use of the AMECA logo.

AMECA state regulated device registration covers the following products.

  • FMVSS 106 Brake Hoses
  • FMVSS 108 Automotive exterior lamps/lenses
  • FMVSS 111 Exterior Rear View Mirrors
  • FMVSS 116 Brake Fluid
  • FMVSS 125 Safety Warning Triangle
  • FMVSS 205/ANSI Z26.1 Safety Glass
  • SAE/Police Warning Lamps
  • VESC V-3 Brake Friction Material
  • VESC V-5 Trailer Hitches

AMECA Laboratory Accreditation Program

Our laboratory accreditation program invites both independent laboratories and industry laboratories to apply for our accreditation. We have had excellent success with this program. In over 30 years, we have never had a recall involving our accredited laboratories.

Over 80 currently accredited laboratories have complied with the AMECA written criteria and have been audited on-site by AMECA on a periodic basis. AMECA maintains close and regular communication with its accredited laboratories as well as with local, state and federal governments.

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