AMECA Announces ISO-Certification Programs, “Get an Edge™” Branding Campaign

Washington, D.C. – Automotive Manufacturer Equipment Compliance Agency, Inc. (AMECA) announces the launch of its exclusive “Get an Edge” branding campaign for its new ISO certification programs. AMECA is an ISO-17065 accredited certification agency through A2LA (Certification 4308-01)

Unveiled in spring 2018, AMECA’s ISO certification program was designed by automotive industry professionals from the inside, utilizing best practices to ensure safety and quality control. The comprehensive AMECA ISO certification process provides assurances to consumers and offers manufacturers a high-level program with feedback loops for continuous improvement. AMECA certification is available for manufacturers of exterior automotive lighting, automotive safety glass, automotive suspension and wheels and vehicle brake hoses.

AMECA offers an affordable, efficient certification from a company dedicated exclusively to the automotive market, says Kevin M. Wolford, director of the company.

“Our industry research indicates that 80 percent of consumers value third-party product certifications for their automotive equipment,” says Wolford, a trained mechanical engineer who has been part of the AMECA leadership team since 1997. “We have modeled our program to be robust, affordable and efficient to provide manufacturers an in-depth evaluation from a company with a long-standing record of excellence in safety equipment compliance services. Our certification gives the consumer instant assurance for quality, safety and design of the product they are purchasing.”

AMECA is launching its trademarked “Get an Edge™” branding campaign for customers achieving ISO certification. Approval allows for use of the AMECA certified and “Get an Edge™” seal designations on all packaging and printed materials. The branding enables manufacturers to “Get an Edge™” with customers, “Get an Edge™” on the competition, and “Get an Edge™” for themselves.

For more information on how AMECA-ISO Certification can help manufacturers “Get an Edge™” with independent certification, visit