Handbook of Compliant Safety Devices

AMECA serves the motoring public, state police and motor vehicle administrations to help prevent accidents due to substandard equipment.

AMECA is proud to serve the motoring public, automotive industry and law enforcement at every level.

The Automotive Manufacturers Equipment Compliance Agency, Inc (AMECA) serves the motoring public, state police and motor vehicle administrations to help prevent accidents due to substandard equipment. We have signed agreements with states to provide registration services to State referenced standards, either VESC, FMVSS, SAE or GSA.

The files of the Vehicle Equipment Safety Commission, VESC, were transferred to AMECA from AAMVA. Also transferred were all signed agreements regarding the Equipment Compliance Program which is currently administered by AMECA. More information is available at www.vesc.org.

AMECA State Regulated Device Registration

All items submitted through any AMECA program must be properly marked and identified. Each item is completely re-traceable to the manufacturer, to the testing laboratory and to the raw test data retained by the testing laboratory. AMECA offers two different levels of equipment registration for customers, our traditional List of Compliant Safety Devices and our new ISO-Certification program. The List of Compliant Safety Devices is the publication of products from the Equipment Compliance program that meet state registration requirements. Products are denoted by use of the AMECA logo. AMECA state regulated device registration covers the following products:

  • FMVSS 106 Brake Hoses
  • FMVSS 108 and SAE/Police Warning Exterior Vehicle Lamps
  • FMVSS 111 Exterior Rear View Mirrors
  • FMVSS 116 Brake Fluid
  • FMVSS 125 Safety Warning Triangle
  • FMVSS 205/ANSI Z26.1 Safety Glass
  • SAE Sound Warning Devices
  • VESC V-3 Brake Friction Material
  • VESC V-5 Trailer Hitches

AMECA exists to serve you and the motoring public.

The publications listed is a compilation of regulated motor vehicle safety equipment which have been tested according to recognized standards by accredited AMECA testing laboratories. The items in question comply with jurisdictional requirements as understood by AMECA.

These AMECA lists are published roughly every week and contain all valid AMECA Notice’s of Equipment Compliance issued during the previous three years plus any new AMECA documents added in the previous week. Every effort is made to accurately report all new, renewed and revised items from every participating manufacturer.

If you would like to receive notification of the updated AMECA List please send an email to: info@ameca.org with the sections you wish to receive in the body of the email.

Suggestions from any source are always welcome. AMECA exists to make your life easier–whether you are a manufacturer, law enforcement or consumer.

Grateful acknowledgment is made to those who have cooperated in making this listing possible.

AMECA Compliance Program Documents

The following documents are used in the AMECA Equipment Compliance Program:

AMECA Compliance Application Form EC-3

AMECA Manufacturers Guide EC-2 1-2020B