Automotive Parts Certification

Get certified for as low as $0.15 Per Part! AMECA offers Certification to U.S. DOT, FMVSS, SAE and ISO Standards for as low as 15 cents (no, not a typo) per part.


Use AMECA Automotive Parts Certification Program to Get Certified for As Low As 15 Cents a part.



AMECA's program is built around providing value, safety and traceability.   Our program fees are fixed.  You can get your company certified

Manufacturer Application: 2500

6 month audit: $1500

Per item price $350

Label cost:  10cents in large quanities. (based on December 2021) 


Whether that’s in price, engineering, design, logistics, customer support—anything to Get an Edge. 80% of consumers surveyed prefer independently certified parts—and are willing to pay for it. Independent Certification gives your customers immediate assurance in the product. It expands options in your marketing strategy. We provide feedback to your company on industry standard processes. Why do we do this? To Get an Edge.

The AMECA Automotive Parts Certification Program gives proof of DOT certification to your customers, end users and insurance carriers.  The program is very competitive to the programs of CAPA (Certifed Automotive Parts Assocation) and NSF Automotive Parts Certification program.  Our Certified Auto Parts prorgram offers several advantanges over competitiove program.   Our benefits include:

·         Faster time to market since manufacturers can use their in house laboratories

·         Lower per label cost.

·         Use of SAE, FMVSS/DOT or ISO industry standards for testing.  No specialized standards for you to keep track of and setup. 

·         More end user information with QR codes.  

·         Exclusive automotive focus, we aren’t a part of a larger organization.

·         Staff with automotive engineering background.

Get your products to market faster, cheaper and with less testing overhead with AMECA's Parts Certification Program


Get an Edge

With AMECA ISO Certification, you get an edge...

  • With your customers
  • On your competition
  • For yourself

Designed by automotive industry professionals.

AMECA’s ISO Certification program was designed by automotive industry professionals. Our passion is automobiles. The program was developed around industry best practices. It is not a “one and done” program. Our process is robust and intelligently designed with feedback loops for continuous improvement.

AMECA Certifications

AMECA is offering certification for:

  • Exterior Automotive Lighting
  • Automotive Safety Glass
  • Automotive Suspension and Wheels
  • Vehicle Brake Hose